Laura Thomae Young
Author. Speaker. Friend.

A Friend to Millennials and their Bosses
Laura has a unique background as both a leader and a friend of millennials. Having interacted with 20-somethings for over twenty-five years, Laura’s experience as a mentor, teacher, and leader has given her the experience to be uniquely poised to understand both the needs of millennials in the workplace, as well as those who employ and manage them.
Because she understands both the needs of business and the values of millennials, she is uniquely qualified to speak to and for both groups. She’s a friend to millennials and their bosses.  

Millennials have Questions
Aaahhh! I need help adulting!
- Julie R.
I've been adulting all day, and I'm worn out!
- Tamarey S. 
Businesses have Questions
How can I motivate these millennials?
William T.
I just don't understand them.
Miriam W.
Laura Thomae Young has Answers
Speaking to Businesses
Joining the corporate arena after a long hiatus of being a stay-at-home mom and ministry partner, Laura’s experience of understanding people has led to much success in the business setting. Starting at entry-level, she quickly rose into leadership as her unique perspective was recognized and rewarded. She has led teams, taught, motivated, and groomed the next generation for their own opportunities.
 Teaching leadership skills, management skills and motivational presentations, Laura knows the needs of businesses, and holds the attention of the audience in her presentations.  

Speaking to Millenials
The "pied piper" to millennials draws them in with her heart-felt love for the generations. All those around her feel this connection. After interviewing scores of millennials, she wrote her flagship book to address the major concerns she heard from them.
She doesn't hold back in any way. In her book, Adulting Like a Boss, she says "I'm bossy and nosy and all up in your business!” But her love for people is also evident, as she also states in the book, “But know that I am also in love with life and enraptured with people.”
Adulting Like a Boss is soon to be available as an audio book (by end of June 2018), and then be sure and check out the Adulting Like a Boss Podcast!